Alaina & Marcus Turner || 5.24.2017


Castries, St. Lucia

     High school sweethearts Alaina & Marcus tied the knot in the Caribbean after 8 years.  It was a week filled with family and adventure.  The day after the wedding we hiked for 2 hours up the Gros Piton to capture some wonderful images.  Here is their story.

Tracy & Allen Stefanik || 5.20.2017


La Porte, Colorado

     Nestled away in the small town of La Porte, the Tapestry House creates a magical wonderland for couples looking to get away from the big city.  Between the beautiful architecture & thousands of lights scattered about, it's impossible not to feel the love.

Catina & Ian McCormick || 4.1.2017


Nathrop, Colorado

     Snow was covering the ground on wedding day, however the natural hot springs at Mount Princeton kept everyone feeling warm & full of joy.  You may notice the groom on a red buggy in some of the photos; well that's due to a mishap a couple weeks before.  The wedding still persisted without a hitch, perfectly depicting that love persists through all. 

Kayla & Nick Rodriguez || 8.27.2016


Denver, Colorado

     The Denver Botanic Gardens, where blossoming flowers and love coexist.  No better a place for love to sprout; an enchanting oasis without a doubt.

Camille & Spencer Messer || 3.17.16


Fort Collins, Colorado

     Camille & Spencer are two of the most adorable people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Not only are they rarely seen without a smile, but that smile they possess is extremely contagious.  If you don't believe me, try to make it through the gallery below without a grin.